Setting up and being able to manage and run a successful restaurant business means having a large number of tools in place. In the first instance there is a need to get the right staff members in place as without happy customer facing staff in place, for sure any food service operation will not survive – there are working shift patterns to have to deal with as well as making sure that individual members that fall into different classifications …

… as an example waiters will have different responsibilities from kitchen staff members who in turn will have their own set of tasks to perform within the business when compared to the receptionists …

… who in turn will have their own direct management reports. The management of restaurant staff does come with its unique set of challenges and any restaurant manager will be wise to set up systems and processes at the outset to make sure that this critical part of business operations does not cause the overall company to falter.

So we have touched briefly on the staff management aspect of operating a successful and fully functioning food service business [burger bar, restaurant, coffee shop, diner, cafe, wine bar etc etc] – this in turn has the inherent expectation or assumption that the organisation has the appropriate supplies of food, vegetables, salads and drink from which the chefs and waiters and waitresses are able to make use of in order to execute the operations of the organisation.

This is where the appropriate and strategic utilisation of restaurant supply chain management software comes into play as the food service businesses or other eateries that are looking to operate in an as efficient manner as possible move on from using spreadsheets and paper based tracking methods to operating with cloud based SaaS [software as a service] systems that will take the organisation’s functioning to higher levels of efficiencies. Just imagine being able to track and detail every single item of produce [different bottles of wine, vegetables from different suppliers, organic meet vs factory farmed, snacks and nibbles purchased in emergencies locally etc etc] that is purchased by the restaurant on an ongoing basis along with the cost of purchase therefore providing the restaurant with the option to calculate exact profit and loss figures based on targeted stock.

The ability to effectively manage restaurant food, drink and other produce suppliers in the cloud allows for management who will be granted specific levels of access to the restaurant point of sales software system to be able to check on the ongoing performance of the company from wherever they may be in the world as long as they have access to the internet. With the inbuilt reporting features of the Restaurant Supply Chain and Foodservice Supply Chain software solution all of the guess work and hope in terms of how the food service supply chain is operating will be take away.

With all that has been said – it should be noted that the’s Complete Restaurant Point Of Sale Management Software Solution is perfect for chains of takeaway restaurant businesses such as fried chicken outlets burger bars as well as pizzeria outlets. What makes this system so attractive is that it is an all in one restaurant table management as well as food service ordering and on top of that restaurateurs are able to fully manage their food service supply chain all from one easy to manage dashboard. To learn more – view the complete Restaurant Supply Chain Management Software run through and then get in touch for arranging the setup for your food service business.

In addition to providing what we believe to be a Complete Restaurant Cloud Based Software Management System & Solution for businesses to effectively manage their customers, different seating areas and arrangements in any single restaurant and also for multiple locations.’s parent company [Capid Houser] also provides ongoing Digital Marketing management in the form of a combination of Social Media & Search Engine Marketing in order to boost the digital marketing footprint of restaurants, cafes, wine bars and eateries – this boosts the brand and the reputation of the organisation leading to increased referrals, repeat business, new customers and ultimately growth in revenue generation.

We refer to restaurant digital marketing as the first steps in shifting the mindset of food eating establishment business owners to get start to attract and retain customers by making use of say chatbot marketing and digital coupons and loyalty programs is by getting them to begin by adopting a hospitality POS systems for restaurants and bars so they can get used to using the internet within their business operations.

Using the cloud based technologies for being able to track the effectiveness and popularity of different seating locations as well asĀ  being able to see which staff member are proving to be the most popular among customers of is something that can really be made use of to take any restaurant, bar or other eating establishment’s business operations up to the next level.

With that said, one of the questions that is often asked is whether or not this type of restaurant management software solution will be suitable for use in “my business ? This term at times being used to depict say a fried chicken and fries eatery or maybe a kekab takeaway, Chinese fast food and seating restaurant or burger bar. The response is yes; of course – as long as the management and staff become committed to logging down their actions; taking note of the sales that can be attributed to specific seating positions as well as various other factors, then just like the many other thousands of eateries that are seen to be successfully making use of a restaurant EPOS system – any other can too !

The restaurant cloud based software management system as provided by has many varied features, however one of the most powerful facilities is that management is able to give varying levels of access permission to staff members. Multi Location restaurant EPOS management is a feature that really allows management to really get to grips with where to take the business by gaining an overview of the business no matter where in the world the location any particular store happens to be.

Team and staff members are able to access the restaurant management system from anywhere that they have an internet connection in order to provide updates on their working schedules, give details as to any issues they may encounter and to send messages to management as deemed necessary. The facility to manage multiple restaurants locations using software when implemented from a strategic business development perspective will really give the restaurant a distinct advantage in terms of being able to develop coherent plans to take the food service business to the next level in terms of customer service ratings as well as revenue generation.

As we see an increase if terms of office based companies migrating to more of a paperless communications approach – this trend is now translating over to restaurant and food service businesses. Electronic Point Of Sales is one of the main vehicles that is being used to facilitate such businesses to get more of a grip in terms of their inventory management, employee ans staff performance, internal restaurant communication and being able to have real data to act on when they are looking to develop business development plans t that will focus on particular aspects of the business.