Restaurant, wine bar, cafe, burger bar and other sit in food eating establishment have a desire just like any other business to keep costs down whilst fully understanding that there are various fixed costs that need to be paid out on a monthly basis in order to keep the business functioning to its maximum efficiency level in order to serve the best food possible and to keep levels of customer satisfaction high.

It is pretty much agreed that some sort of restaurant EPOS software management system will be needed in order to run the business as opposed to making various notifications as well as transaction on pieces of paper that has been done traditionally and we do know that there are many companies out there that are still to this day – keeping track of thing by using the paper method.

With that said; there are of course so many options that any restaurant manager or owner will be able to make use of as they look to streamline their food eating establishment’s business operations. As we know that credit card processing is absolutely necessary this running cost is taken as a given; in addition to that – there are seating planning facilities that will be internet enabled or cloud based that any staff member say will be able to access via mobile devices [iPads].

Such devices are often provided as part of the package price but of course the wine bar or burger bar owner may well choose to purchase their own internet enabled devices for use with their establishment. However – the seating management, food menu item sales, tracking of beverages and performance of staff via customer satisfaction ratings and menu item sales need to be managed via bespoke software which will need to be leased or rented.

It is for the aforementioned reasons that we feel that restaurant owners and food eating establishment management will take delight in understanding the features that MealPOS,.com has to offer as compared to that delivered by some of the major players within this market space. We provide what is undoubtedly A leading Cloud Based Restaurant Electronic Point Of Sales Software Solution that will enable companies to gain access to a whole host of features through which they can not only save on initial setup and configuration fees, but they will be delighted by the simple monthly running costs that we [Capid Houser] are able to provide.

With the ability to Categorise Expenses, Generate Product Categories, Classify Waiters Suppliers & Customers, Manage Multiple Store Locations and more … provides those restaurant owners who want an efficient cloud based internet enabled system to operate their business without the running costs that continually eat into profits with the perfect solution. We setup and configure the system for you – you get your login and administration details and access the system from whichever mobile or desktop devices that suits your organisation. All for a one time installation fee and low monthly support and system running fee.

Now in bringing this discussion to a close – let it be said that one of the attractive [among many many] features that restaurant owners will absolutely love will be that …

… processing credit card payments via stripe – they will be able to save significant amounts of monies – on an ongoing monthly basis …

Of course one is able to continue to use the current payment system that is in place – however signing up with Strip is simple to do and we can of course guide you through this process; then we will integrate this into the system that we will install and configure for your. Then with this in place – you [-the restaurant owne] will be able to accept customer credit card payments via Stripe’s API and receive monies this way. Savings will be significant using Stripe; but of course – any business can continue to make use of their current method of accepting payments and then add in this option at a later date. As always – get in touch with us in order to learn more about getting this up and running within your food service organisation.