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Thanks for being here 🙂 – now in order to effectively respond to your query in a timely manner we need to learn some basic information regarding your business, so please to take the short amount of time that it requires to complete the form on the right and we will look to get back to you with haste [normally within 48 hours Mon – Fri].

Note that we operate from a business consultative approach and therefore should we be your provider of the best restaurant management software; we will need to understand parameters such as the number of locations of your restaurant, number of tables and sections within the establishments in order to configure and install the software on the servers so you can get up and running in the shortest time frame possible.

The more information that you can provide will help us to assist you in the management of your restaurant food service company noting that’s software includes table reservation options, the ability to management materials and also a kitchen display functionality which makes this more that just a simple restaurant management system – we call it the Complete Restaurant Point Of Sale Management Software Solution.

Technical Support

We operate a phone based system along with a ticket allocation email system so that we can actively track and progress any issues that arise that our customers would like to be addressed.

Software Development

Our flexible team of software developers have worked to develop this restaurant software management system, we also work on digital marketing strategy development & execution.

Marketing Strategy Development

Realising that the successes of businesses are in a large part down to its marketing, with this in mind we often lend a hand in promoting and marketing the products & services of clients.

From Paper Based To A Paperless Restaurant Management Digital Marketing Company

We are firmly living in the digital age with marketing having moved to the internet connected world in which we live; the knock on effects have been seen in the paperless office. The data is there for all to see in that when companies start to track, manage and make business decisions based on real data their operations improve which leads to increased revenue generation.

when all is said and done it is really interesting to note that still there are many restaurants, hotels and food service businesses that are taking orders and managing their operations using paper pads.

We understand that their is often an inherent reticence for business owners to take on the usage of software solutions which is one of the reasons why have provided a state of the art, easy to use and comprehensive restaurant software management system that businesses from the smallest coffee shop to a larger multiple chain location operation can use to manage staff, supplier, expenses, products and locations and all from one easy to use dashboard.

Is it time for you to get started making use of in your restaurant business ?

Restaurant Management System is a development by Capid Houser which is a Bristol Digital Marketing Agency that provides the full range of Social Media & Search Engine Marketing strategy development and execution as well as Internet Marketing based software solutions such as MealPos.


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