Complete Restaurant Point Of Sale Management Software Solution’s electronic point of sales software system supports restaurant and bar management to deliver higher levels of service to their customers.

The Restaurant Management Solution allows food service establishment owners to fully manage food and drink suppliers and to track the performance of all menu configurations along with which restaurant seating configurations are seen to work the best.

Food Service Companies All In One Electronic Point Of Sales Cloud Based solution is one of the leading provider of [accessible by Computers, Tablets, Mobile Phones, Smart Devices] cloud based electronic restaurant point of sales business management software solution. When food service businesses take up using such business management systems; they in general see major growths in sales – with 20% not being untypical and that is after the 1st first few years of making the change within the business operations. For sure this must be the time to take a serious look at how you as a business owner can adopt’s Electronic Point Of Sales systems software management for business growth and management.

Improved Tracking will enable your business to get a firmer grasp on where the main orders are coming from as each table’s revenue is understood.

Mobile Sales Management

Manage everything on any mobile device and keep track of all orders from suppliers as well as eat in customers and review whenever you desire.

Segment Customer Spending

Keep a track on how each area within the restaurant is performing, giving the ability to make modifications and determine how revenues are affected.

Manage Multiple Stores

The system provides the ability to manage multiple store locations all from within one simple dashboard, track, manage, segment, compare and increase revenues.

Electronic point of sales software schemes are important for restaurants & similar client service companies

There are many varied advantages to making use of a cloud based electronic point of sales system for companies of all sizes and revenue generation. Many experts state that it does not matter whatever the size of one’s company is; making use of a EPOS will enable the company to get a thorough grasp on operations in order to determine the necessary points within the business that needs to be focused upon 

More Than An Ordinary Point Of Sales Restaurant Management System

Making use of’s Point of Sale software management system within your restaurant business will enable you to better take care of running your food service business and therefore more effectively take care of your guests. The system is fully mobile optimised and cloud based meaning that waiters are able to login to the system whilst at customer’s tables and input order and tracking details. There a host of features that any company will be able to make use of including adding multiple products, store locations and with the ability for each individual staff member to have their unique login – this will make tracking and management so much easier than before.

With so many food service businesses managing their operations on paper with each order having to be manually collated and entered into the main computer system’s provides a much needed helping hand for streamlining and enabling businesses to track their sales, staff activities, performance of individual stores and even locations within a single restaurant. This complete cloud based restaurant management solution provides the facilities for making improvements within the business leading to increased revenue generation. 

Management is given the ability to generate reports on sales, expenses and even individual people within the organisation – this goldmine of information will enable management to make structured decisions in terms of which staff to place in which store and which combination of products are selling the best – where and when ! As we are firmly within the digital marketing age; it is so easy for certain types of businesses to get left behind in terms of using the available technologies to serve as a foundation for business growth – provide the perfect restaurant management system to take any company to the next level.

  • List Products

    Use multiple product categories to effectively manage service offerings such as breakfast, lunch, dinner or drink, salad or meat – as your business desires. With the multiple stores option the ability to list certain products to a location and track is a great feature.

List Products, Track Sales, Ongoing Reporting

  • Multiple Stores

    For companies with multiple stores, from one simple dashboard managers can forget the reams of paper or having to phone individual locations as by logging in and making a quick check; all of the information that is needed can be gained at a glance.

  • Staff Members.

    Now every staff member can input their sales and activities in real time no matter where they are located therefore feeding back vital information into the company and management.

  • Sales.

    The ability to effectively track sales for every product / service based on city / town or even physical location within the particular restaurant provides restaurant management to make the correct decision at the right time based on actual data.

  • Staff Members.

    Now every staff member can input their sales and activities in real time no matter where they are located therefore feeding back vital information into the company and management.

Manage Restaurant Chains, Franchises & Stores From A Single Location

As a business person, manager or entrepreneur do you happen to own food service companies that have multiple locations and outlets ? This could be Indian Restaurants, Fried Chicken Outlets, Burger Bars, Italian Food, Pizzerias, Kebab Houses, Lebanese Food or any other service business in this industry.

  • Generate New Business Ideas

  • Keep A Track On Expenses

  • Powerful Customer Segmentation

  • Overview Staff Performance

  • Sales Performance By Location

  • Store Location Product Specifics

Effectively running & managing one’s chain of restaurants & store locations will need to deal [whether you like it or note 🙂 ] with business operational functions such as fulfilling orders, tracking sales of different services, accounting, supplier management & many more complex tasks. Now with making use of’s cloud based restaurant software management system one will be able to take control and gain a full overview of all of the store locations with a complete grasp over menu items, staff performance, stock & inventory management, product categories and more all segmented by individual store locations.

Restaurant Booking Systems & Restaurant Management Software

The paperless offices are here with us and here to stay as we continue to live in the digital marketing & customer management world; when using such systems and applying the principles to any restaurant or food service business the data shows that such organisations result in improved internal performance, higher levels of customer satisfaction and revenue generation.

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